Energy storage in the form of batteries plays a key role in today’s world; for example, for the operation of electric vehicles and energy systems. When storing batteries, it is extremely important to maintain a defined temperature range. On the one hand, overheating can impair battery performance and shorten their service life. Furthermore, overheated batteries pose an increased risk of fires and explosions. When developing the BatteryCooler, FrigorTec focused on the cooling requirements for battery containers. Accordingly, it ensures safe and long-term operation even under extreme environmental conditions.

Fields of application

  • Sustainable technology that conserves resources
  • High operational reliability, designed for continuous operation
  • Low maintenance, energy-saving
  • Remote access via FrigorTec Smart Control FSC
  • Global service network

Product overview

Kühltechnik für Batteriecontainern


Data sheet
  • Cooling capacity: 10 kW
  • Volume flow: 4,000 m³/h


Data sheet
  • Cooling capacity: 20 kW
  • Volume flow: 4,800 m³/h

Kühltechnik für Batteriecontainern


Data sheet
  • Cooling capacity: 30 kW
  • Volume flow: 6,500 m³/h


Data sheet
  • Cooling capacity: 40 kW
  • Volume flow: 6,500 m³/h


Kühltechnik für Batteriecontainern

BatteryCooler BC10

BatteryCooler BC20

Kühltechnik für Batteriecontainern

BatteryCooler BC30

BatteryCooler BC40

Cooling performance10 kW20 kW30 kW40 kW
Volume flow4000 m³/h4800 m³/h6500 m³/h6500 m³/h
Cooling mode temperature range- 25 °C bis + 48 °C- 25 °C bis + 48 °C- 25 °C bis + 48 °C- 25 °C bis + 48 °C
Power consumption- 25 °C bis + 30 °C- 25 °C bis + 30 °C- 25 °C bis + 30 °C- 25 °C bis + 30 °C
Weight350 kg380 kg600 kg600 kg
Operating voltage3ph / 400 V / 50 Hz3ph / 400 V / 50 Hz3ph / 400 V / 50 Hz3ph / 400 V / 50 Hz
Protection classIP54IP54IP54IP54
Heating capacity7,0 kW7,0 kW10,4 kW10,4 kW

Technical features

  • Robust, welded construction, primed and powder-coated
  • Speed-controlled compressor in fully hermetic design
  • Suction gas-cooled motor, no risk of overheating
  • Self-regulating oil sump heating for reliable lubrication during start-up
  • Liquefier consisting of a galvanised steel housing with epoxy-coated aluminium fins
  • Condenser fan: speed-controllable EC axial fan in industrial design
  • Recirculation fan: speed-controllable EC radial fan in industrial design
  • Powder-coated control cabinet, fully wired, complies with
  • VDE standards
  • Large-area frame filter, COARSE 90% filter class
  • FrigorTec Smart Control FSC, controllable via app
  • Optional stainless steel version
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant, meets statutory regulations (EU) No. 517/2014


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  • Made in Germany
  • Extremly robust
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy operation
  • Inernational service concept

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