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When you look at our comprehensive range of services, you will see: We are not just offering you "classic" services to cover demand like spare parts procurement or repairs. Moreso, we offer diverse services to increase the benefit you will gain from our devices.

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On request, we will be happy to provide you with detailed briefing in the operation of our devices on site. This results in various advantages for you: we will of course check the implementation of the device on your premises. In doing so, we optimize the interaction between your existing system and our devices. Of course, we will show you how to operate the device step by step and will be happy to answer any individual questions you may have.


Regular maintenance is essential in order to maintain proper operation, increase energy efficiency and service life, and reduce operating costs. We adhere to the regulations of VDMA and the VDMA checklists 24186 etc. The maintenance work includes a thorough check of the device or plant with regard to function and nominal state, leak test (for refrigeration units) in accordance with DIN EN 378-1 and 517/2014 as well as the functional test of all components relevant to maintenance and safety. A protocol and a test certificate are drawn up on the execution of the work. The service report lists deviations from the nominal state and the measures taken or recommendations for their elimination.

Maintenance GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooler(PDF, 479 kb)
⁠Maintenance CRANEFRIGOR™ crane cooling units in port facilities (PDF, 234 kb)
⁠⁠Maintenance CRANEFRIGOR™ crane cooling units in heat plants (PDF, 488 kb)
⁠⁠Maintenance AGRIFRIGOR™ hay dryer (PDF, 234 kb)


Maintenance and repair work encompasses eliminating damage, as well as replacing operating materials and wear or defective parts, so that the system is restored to its nominal state. All spare parts and required materials are either obtained from FrigorTec at daily rates or made available free of charge by the customer. If spare parts are no longer available on the market, FrigorTec can make the customer an offer for any adjustments that may be necessary to restore the function. If further defects are discovered in the course of repair work, we will inform the customer of the probable costs before the work is carried out. For the short-term elimination of problems or in the event of a complete device failure, the FrigorTec emergency service is available to you around the clock all year round (365-7-24-Service).

Service hotline: +49 7520 91482-80

App for remote control

Retain complete control over all the functions of your FrigorTec device at all times without needing to be on location: The FrigorTec app for remote control operation makes this possible. You are already using a cooling, air-conditioning, or heating device from FrigorTec without the app functionality, but would like to use the app? No problem. In many cases it can be easily retrofitted. Just get in contact with us.

The App "FrigorTec SmartControl" is available completely free of charge from the Apple App Store for iOS, as well as from the Google Play App Store for Android.

Data Analytics System

The Data Analytics System is an excellent, inexpensive tool for the detailed evaluation and visualisation of machine data relevant for the operation of your FrigorTec device. In this way, you receive all the relevant operating data for individually selectable periods of time. This function is optional for many new devices. In most cases retrofitting is also possible. We would be pleased to advise you.

Here you can find the Data Analytics System.


We would be glad to assemble our devices at your location. Our service team is specially trained for this and its well-equipped service vehicle can travel throughout Central Europe. If we are needed beyond Central Europe, we send a box in advance with all the necessary tools, and travel by plane. Alternatively, it is also possible that a local refrigeration company may support us with its tools.

Planning consultation

We also understand good service to mean us putting our decades of experience in development, production and project implementation all over the world at your disposal. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the planning and design of your projects. We know the locations where our products are used, and are aware of the specific conditions, requirements, restrictions and possibilities of existing buildings or new buildings. We recommend, for example, the suitable device versions for your application, as well as the optimum number of devices measured against the size of the location. Where required, we also help with all your peripheral issues.


If you have bought a modem with your FrigorTec device, we can view the operation of your device at any time after you temporarily activate it. This allows us to perform remote diagnostics and assist you in optimal operation.

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Whether rented, used or new devices, from spare parts to useful accessory components: You will find what you need in our online shop. You can also contact us in person. Our experts will be happy to advise you on selecting the right products.

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