Over 60 years of success GRANIFRIGOR™

Grain cooling units and crane cooling units are manufactured in Germany.

Our history

In 1963 the Lindau company Sulzer-Escher Wyss started to produce the first grain cooling devices for grain and oilseeds. Sulzer Escher Wyss was a factory for refrigeration equipment, thus perfectly equipped with the knowledge needed for the production of grain cooling equipment. Sales of these devices began under the name GRANIFRIGOR™, the start of a success story.

Cooled grain does not develop moulds and insects and respiration is minimised, to name the most important advantages. The benefits of conservation cooling quickly gained attention, not just in German-speaking countries, but internationally as well. The company developed into the market leader in the grain cooling sector. In 2005, the company FrigorTec took over the product area of refrigeration, including grain cooling equipment.

Grain cooling units Tradition

The first GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 30L from the 1960ies

Grain cooling in the 60s

Design and Construction of GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 60 in the year 1978

GRANIFRIGOR™ series at SULZER-ESCHER-WYSS in Lindau approx. 1970

Our know-how

Specialised grain know-how was obtained through close contact with institutes and universities. The scientific basis was developed in cooperation with the Institut für Landtechnik (Institute for Agriculture Technology) in Bonn, the Düsseldorf University and the Bundesanstalt für Getreide (Federal Grain Research Institute) in Detmold. In addition specialised knowledge regarding conservation cooling was further developed in numerous scientific studies and measurements in grain storage facilities. For example, FrigorTec supported an evaluation for the analysis of the counterpressure of bulk grain of the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim, completed in February 2013, which delivered very interesting results.

Continuous dialogue with storage operators, for example BayWa, feed operations, large and small mills, malt houses, seed companies and the Raiffeisen cooperatives, is an important contribution to the broad, comprehensive GRANIFRIGOR™ product series from FrigorTec.

The series is characterised today by a modular basis with a wide range of possible additions. The "modular system" includes options for remote data transmission, sound insulation, forklift slots, remote sensors, and complete rodent protection. For use in tropical climate zones, a special "Tropic" series was developed, as well as a "Desert" type for extremely hot, dry regions. Depending on the requirements, the grain cooling devices are also equipped for different types of electricity.

The wide range of solutions available today was developed, manufactured, tested and marketed by generations of specialists. It is this extensive experience that makes all the difference for the core competency of the world market leader: To this day, competitors have not been able to catch up with the specialised knowledge that FrigorTec has continuously expanded and updated.

Another thing: All GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling devices are "Made in Germany". They are built in the main FrigorTec factory in Amtzell (Germany).

GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 110, technically the 2nd generation

GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 30, connected to a flat store

Two GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 60 units at a silo plant

Our customers

Grains, paddy, oilseed, seed, barley, legumes, pellets, cocoa beans, spices, hops or herbs ... anything that needs to be stored: FrigorTec supplies the necessary know-how for conservation.

Since 1963, thousands upon thousands of GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling devices have been delivered to over 80 countries. Whether in Fiji or Switzerland, the Arab Emirates or the Ukraine, Argentina, Panama, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, China, Brazil, Taiwan, India, Korea, Australia, Greece, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, Morocco, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mexico or Germany: Millions of tons of grain crop are conserved worldwide with GRANIFRIGOR™.

Getreidekühler aus den 80er Jahren in Deutschland

GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 140 AHY approx. 1984

Getreidekühlgerät Frigotec aus der 3. Generation

GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 220, the 3rd generation

Getreidekühlgerät mit Siemens Steuerung

The 4th generation of GRANIFRIGOR™ with a siemens control S7, here in 2010, on the example of a KK 200 AHY.

After 2 years of development and testing, the 5th generation of GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units with fully automatic Siemens S7 control has been offered on the market since 2020. The units offer the operator a wide variety of operating modes: "whisper mode", "rapid cooling", "ventilation mode" and "normal mode". All operating modes can be set manually or preselected fully automatically according to time. Another plus: The units can be equipped to switch off automatically as soon as the grain is stable in storage.

Start of the 5th generation in 2021: The GC650 Tropic with modem and FrigorTec app has a refrigerant with an even lower CO2 equivalent.

Das Grain Cooling Flagschiff

The 5th generation GRANIFRIGOR™ GC Tropic cools up to 35,000 t of grain in 3 weeks

Grain Cooling automatische Steuerung

The 5th generation GRANIFRIGOR™ cooling units are equipped with the Siemens S7 control system as standard.

The benefit to you

GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling devices have a wide range of impressive features:

  • Reliable use in all environmental conditions: Whether rain, heat or cold: The compressors deliver a high level of cooling power with an optimal capacity rating. The automatic features of HYGROMAT™ regulate the humidity safely and reliably. Robust industrial models, completely enclosed, protect against external influences. Speed-controlled condensed water fans for trouble-free start-up in low outside temperatures. Thanks to the safety refrigerant, the products are also suitable for high outside temperatures.
  • Quality control with factory trial run: Each device is tested and inspected in the technical department after production under customer conditions. In order to ensure short delivery times, common types are available on stock at all times.
  • A wide range of operating modes: The Siemens DDC controller S7 and the microprocessor controller make possible the operating modes "whisper operation", "fast cooling", "ventilation mode" and "normal mode". All operating modes can be set manually or pre-timed fully automatically.
  • Easy to clean: Large, efficient filters make cleaning easy. The filter monitor is integrated.
  • Low noise: Thanks to sound-optimised fans and compressors, all types are very quiet. The "whisper" operating mode reduces the sound level even further.
  • Important standard features: In addition to BMEP models for fans (ideal for tower silos), HYGROTHERM™ heat registers are also included in the standard scope of delivery.
  • Highly environmentally friendly & energy efficient: Only environmentally friendly safety refrigerants with low CO2 equivalent are used. The optimal control with different operating modes and frequency controls of the fans as well as a cool-stop result in an extremely low energy consumption of the grain cooling.

Additional features

  • Rotating-field and counterpressure display
  • Cool stop
  • Winter and summer thermostat to save energy
  • Electrical heater for use in cooler ambient conditions
  • View window in air cooler
  • Inspection opening in air duct
  • Anti-corrosion protection with coated heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Available with chassis with pneumatic tyres or castors
  • Option: additional sound insulation in various insulation levels, remote data transmission, optical indicator light, rodent full protection, forklift pockets for safe forklift transport, FrigorTec app for remote control and diagnostics, storage of operating data history, display of power consumption